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Caucasian Adventures has been a pioneer since 2003, offering horse riding tours tailored for international professional horseback riders. As a family-owned company driven by a deep passion for horses, we have become one of Georgia’s leading specialist riding holiday and horse tour operators. Our partnerships with leading international horse-riding companies attest to our expertise and reputation in the industry. As part of our commitment to providing exceptional experiences, we’ve recently introduced the new Asureti Riding Club. Our club offers rustic ranch activities, as well as opportunities for birthdays and corporate events against the backdrop of breathtaking views. 

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Welcome to our world of thrilling horseback tours! Get ready to experience the breathtaking beauty of Georgia’s landscapes and explore its rich history with us. Our tours are not just about riding; they’re about immersing yourself in the heart of Georgian culture and traditions. Join us as we gallop through mountain meadows and traverse river gorges, all while honing your riding skills. Our rides cater to various paces – from leisurely trots to exhilarating gallops along forest paths and across open fields. 

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What our clients say about us​

We got home yesterday after a fantastic time in Georgia. It exceeded all our expectations on every front - the landscape, the buildings, the people, the horses. We loved the fast riding, Levan was fantastic and we also loved the stops to see the monasteries etc i.e. regular culture shots. I fear we may have hit the heights in Georgia!

RP (Shrops)​​

The riding was fantastic as were the scenery and wild flowers. Truly memorable! Georgia is a spectacular and fascinating country. 

NG (Wiltshire) ​

Amazing trip altogether; the views, the sights, staying in villages seeing how people lived, tea with the month, camping by the river. Overall a fabulous trip well organised. Fantastic horses well trained for the job. Loved it!

ET (North Yorkshire)​​

I only have one word to describe this experience: excellent! The horses, the organization, the guide, the pace, the food, the atmosphere... I recommend.

Morgane W.​

It was a great trip and I am glad I did this trail!! Georgia is a beautiful country. The weather was not that great but that gave it an extra special touch, we had nice and long gallops.

Marina DH​

A truly sporty hike on very reliable and particularly fit horses, going everywhere. Levan, the guide, really invested in transmitting to us the culture of his country and is attentive to any request or wish. Also, the whole team that accompanied us was very pleasant and friendly. The paths taken were beautiful and varied, we crossed forests, meadows filled with flowers, rivers, and remote villages. The camps were also very beautiful places. We also had the opportunity to visit several sites of interest to learn more about Georgia as a country

ET (North Yorkshire)​​

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