who we are

We are a family owned company that specializes in riding tours in Georgia

join us on one of our trips and discover Georgia by horseback​ 

operating Since 2003

We are mainly focused on professional high pace horseback tours. Our rides offer you opportunity to enjoy spectacular nature, versatile landscape and amazing historical sites. You can feel the spirit of Georgian culture and become part of country’s traditions.

Immense pleasure received by riding through the mountain meadows and river gorges will be combined with testing your riding skills. We offer diverse pace rides: you will trot, canter and gallop along the forest paths and across the open fields.

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Levan Kobakhidze

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what our guests say about us

ET (North Yorkshire)


“Amazing trip altogether; the views, the sights, staying in villages seeing how people lived, tea with the month, camping by the river. Overall a fabulous trip well organised. Fantastic horses well trained for the job. Loved it.”


“The riding was fantastic as were the scenery and wild flowers. Truly memorable! Georgia is a spectacular and fascinating country.”

NG (Wiltshire)

RP (Shrops)


"We got home yesterday after a fantastic time in Georgia. It exceeded all our expectations on every front - the landscape, the buildings, the people, the horses. We loved the fast riding, Levan was fantastic and we also loved the stops to see the monasteries etc i.e. regular culture shots. I fear we may have hit the heights in Georgia!"


"The Georgia ride was a wonderful, challenging experience. The terrain is at times trackless and very steep, but Levan knows the countryside like the back of his hand and is a very fine guide and companion. We also had lots of opportunities for long canters along ancient roadways and across open fields. The horses were very well mannered and responsive. It's certainly true that this isn't a ride for people who insist on luxury, but Levan's crew was great, the camps were comfortable, and the food good, if simple. If you like to camp and don't mind fairly basic accommodations when you're not camping this is a chance to have a fine adventure, see some beautiful countryside, and experience an ancient culture in a part of the world that not many people visit".